May 1, 2013

Let's Talk Archetypes with Roi Solberg
2:00 PM CT

Today on Let's Talk Archetypes we'll discuss the Child Archetype. The child is one of the four basic archetypes that each of us has. 
We've all been children. During those child years you figured out how life works for you and made promises to yourself.
Now, your life is still based on those beliefs, patterns, and the decisions you made as a child.

Are you still living by the decisions you made as a child

Are they working for you? Or against you?

Mia Saenz Whitmore
The Passion Muse
Join us today -- my guest today is Mia Saenz Whitmore, The Passion Muse. We’ll explore the child archetype, which each of us has, and how development of the inner child is so vital to your life and transformation process.

Mia will share information on her program of “I Am Who I Am, Body mechanics from the inside out.”
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Mia Saenz Whitmore, known as The Passion Muse lives in Los Angeles and Miami, she is an International Self-Love and Relationship Coach. Any positive relationship begins within. Her Program "I Am Who I Am, Body Mechanics, from the inside out" is acclaimed in the total transformation, developing the inner child so it becomes strong and confident. 
“We are all beautiful and uniquely different, celebrate who you are.”
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