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Are you living above or below the line?

Joy        Harmony          Bliss

Enchantment         Laughter          Peace

Love    Delight              Excitement

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 Sadness     Guilt    Fear

Anger         Shame        Hatred

Panic          Revenge           Judgments

Take your time with this exercise --
It can be quite revealing --
Please feel free to share what you discover ~

Clearing --
Awareness  of the energy you hold in past -- beliefs, patterns, actions, and past lives takes you to a choice point.

Do you want to keep them or clear them?

The clearing creates a new vibrational pattern of divine order and energy frequency.  You notice that everything is the same and different!  

You'll still get up in the morning and go to work and yet it will be so much different that you will find you're at a loss for words to explain it to anyone; you just know that your world is brighter, lighter and more joyful.

By rewiring and reframing our energetic patterns and moving into the higher vibration frequency you can only imagine how the things you want to manifest will begin to appear.   You will find you create through joy rather than pain.  Laughter rather than tears.  Happiness rather than sorrow and courage rather than fear. 
Harmonic Frequencies
Wherever we are and whatever we are doing at the moment we are attuned to the frequencies around us, whether or not they are harmonic is the question.  By consciously working with our energetic vibrations and frequency levels we can elevate the energetic structure of our personal frequencies to coordinate and operate in a different structure that is no longer affected by lower frequencies.  Using the example of the radio stations -- a strong receiver will pull in the higher frequencies as opposed to a weak receiver that picks up only static and interference drowning out life's music.
            By working with our individual receiver system to create a stronger system, we are less likely to pick up daily interference and if that should happen we can quickly attune ourselves to get back on the ley lines and frequencies that serve us.
            All things move from the center out.  In the center of the earth the molten lava moves outward to solidify as the earth's surface. Nature creates in sacred geometry; the center of trees grows concentrically.  In the human structure, creation begins in the heart center and moves out to solidify as our life
Ronald Holt, Director of Flower of Life Research, tells us in his article The Golden Mean Spiral and The Merkaba, "Scared Geometry is about how to open the heart and evolve the consciousness through the geometric models.  These models mirror your own consciousness."
            Each and every thought especially when created with passion and alignment of head and heart results in the geometric mandalas similar to the earth as they create a level of vibration and frequency that creates the flow of life through our consciousness.
            Our attunement to the higher frequencies allows the heart to expand in experience and compassion thus opening us the opportunity to embrace the transitions of the heart, mind, body and spirit.  You find a stronger connection to all things through unconditional love; including people and places, realizing and now living the universal truth of we are all one. This remembrance of the structure of the wholeness between physical and spiritual produces a new level of energy that generates unlimited opportunities to create unseen possibilities and probabilities.  Experiences are now exciting as you live in this truth, content to let life flow through you and unfold in its perfect timing.
            The heart energy expressed as love and compassion spirals out into your aura and expands into other auras of everyone and everything that you come in contact. The harmonic rhythms of your spirit are expressed through thoughts, actions, emotions, dreams, and desires.The balance brings in the wisdom of spirit to the manifestation of life and reality.


'The language of the heart is symbolic; the language of the mind is literal.' ~ Caroline Myss

Let's Talk Archetypes (August 8, 2012)
A listener asked for clarification on symbolic language.

Symbols are mythological, ritualistic, and symbolic images that come from all over the world. Anything that you see, hear, or experience repetitively can be a symbol – animals, birds, rocks, circles, triangles – any and everything.

For example, while at conference in Carmel California, I stayed with a friend in her rented condo. During the night, I felt a mouse run across my hand. Ewweee!
A couple of weeks later, I was at a writer’s retreat at the Dells in Wisconsin. I checked in to the cabin to find a dead mouse on one of the pillows. Double ewweee!
Coincidence? Or message?
Message: mouse energy says to take a closer look at the minutiae in your life. At the time, I needed to pay attention to details. Had it been a red-tailed hawk or eagle, it would mean to look up, go to the higher power. These birds take our prayers to heaven.

Keep in mind you can get carried away at first looking at everything as a symbol. A client who called me one morning, very excited about the birds in her yard. She read their symbolic meanings from several books and then asked me what did I think these sightings meant.

I had to tell her the truth – It means you have a bird feeder in your yard.
Sometimes a bird is just a bird. And, sometimes it’s part of your symbolic language.

Use the rule of three – if you see, hear, or experience a symbol three times in a short period of time and it catches your attention, then research the deeper meaning and message.
Decide what it means to you. A snake means healing to me. It might mean poison or death to someone else.